We, as Wecco Trade Ltd. have created the Corspet as part of our unique and sophisticated pet range brand with the purpose of providing best products for pets. Owing to our attention to detail and investment in value, Wecco has produced Toys, Collars, Leashes and Dematting Tools.

Our commitment to animals began with our own dog. He is an 11 years old Yorkshire terrier, owing to the appearance of his two very dark and round eyes, much like a domino tile, he received the unique name of Domino. 


Based on what we would like for our own dog, we have invested every time and effort into the creation of our products range that is excellent quality and suitable for all dog breeds.


All our collars and leashes are made in the EU by our experienced leather workers and 100% handcrafted!! So each of them is a unique product! These products are dedicated to Corspet, so it assures you, that you won't find the same product in other stores.


We have learned how some puppies and dogs love to chew aggressively on their toys. By introducing Corspet Toys to your pet, they will be happy to chew on their toys rather than your personal items. The unique design kept in mind the demands of owners and dogs.